Whatsapp is such an important network in the whole world, but alas, it is only available to thetop rung of society. But why not the people who go to cyber cafe and net joints to check mailsonce every two days. They don't have a fancy smart phone to show off, but they are also very mucha part of the system (WORLD). So why leave them out. Any one who is living here on planet earth,should have access to free and uninterrupted serivce. Now I am not blaming any body for not doingthat, but if they are not doing for some reason, Yosapp is an effort to make it easier. Here isYosapp.It is also available for Firefox OS.

The Team

Tuhin Sengupta

An avid hacker, a night worker, UI whiz kid and a huge Continum fan.

Lusan Das

Hacker and Dev Ops at the Yoda Center quitting his day job to follow his dream.

Debarko De

Tux Fan, Day Dreamer and 31337 G33K with a vision.